Who we are?

Celestia Satellite Test & Simulation (C-STS) provides innovative high-tech solutions for ground based applications


 C-STS belongs to the Celestia Technologies Group, which is a multidisciplinary set of companies with an important background in EGSE, Radio Frequency based systems for use in space and ground environments


Within the Celestia Technologies Group, C-STS provides a wide range of ground-based related systems in the domains of Simulation & Testing (EGSE), TTC & TM/TC Systems, high-rate modem and data processing systems at product level or as complete turn-key solutions.


For the design, implementation and development of these systems C-STS is responsible for all engineering aspects, including System, Hardware, (Embedded) Software and Firmware engineering. With such a wide range of disciplines C-STS has a highly skilled group of experienced engineers active within the space industry for many years. Customer solutions are built using a product legacy and team knowledge that have been developed over the last 25+ years.

C-STS manufactures a wide range of products that are available as independent components or can be adapted to fulfil customer needs and built into complete turn-key systems (SCOEs).


Products include:

TM/TC Front-Ends

TT&C Modems

High-Rate Modems

High Bandwidth On-board Interfaces (MMU/OBC/Instrument)

Software Processing for Spacecraft AIT and Operations

RF Suitcases

C-STS has a strong customer base, having delivered many systems to a variety of leading companies and institutions within the space industry, including:

European Space Agency

Airbus Defence and Space

Thales Alenia Space

Siemens Convergence Creators

BAE Systems

Orbital Critical Systems

Antwerp Space